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Information Technology Support Every company that utilizes technology in any way in today’s day and age, will at some point or another, opt for information technology support. Information technology support offers the end-user much more than just having a technician on stand-by, fixing glitches, or answering software queries. It has evolved to include every aspect …

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The Role of IT Engineers in an Organization

There’s no denying that information technology is the ultimate factor behind the success or failure of an organization. Ever since the first transistor was invented in 1947, there have been rapid advancements in the development of microprocessors and various other computing technologies like the internet. The incorporation of computing systems and information technology in businesses …

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sap implementation

Tips for successful SAP implementation

SAP regional and global implementation otherwise known as rollouts can be achieved in two ways: Rollouts starting from relatively small markets Those that start from a bigger market Both cases present the IT professional with unique challenges, as well as potential advantages. Big, established companies like multinationals have both struggled in their system management and …

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