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Global IT Cloud Consulting Services provide you with top talent to fulfill all your recruiting needs.

Cloud computing is gaining ubiquity in every industry. The technology is immensely beneficial – there’s no doubting that, but the skills required for managing and conducting cloud related tasks are different from the traditional IT roles.

Your staffing demands increase and you have to bring more people on board to completely realize the advantage.

Global IT Services is a leading cloud consulting services provider in the IT industry. We are known for building professional, everlasting relationships with both job candidates and clients. Partner with us and hand over your recruiting burden, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Cloud Consulting Services
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Global IT Consulting Services is aware of the consequences which a business has to face when a critical role remains open. We’ll use our extensive hiring and placement experience and bring professionals who’ll efficiently perform all cloud related tasks and processes.

When it comes to recruiting cloud experts, reach out to us and we’ll do the hard work for you!
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Our expert recruiting team can help you build an unmatched network of professionals who possess all the hard-to-find skills required for running cloud applications and operating cloud tools. For whatever position that you are hiring, we can connect you to the best talent that you will ever come across.

Helping You Find the Ideal Candidates

Who is competent and skilled We strategically reach out to qualified active and passive candidates using state-of-the-art tools and technology. We market job openings on multiple channels and then shortlist all suitable applicants. We screen candidates through the most sophisticated assessment tools, conduct technical interviews, and share details on those who clear all the tests and criteria.


To provide comprehensive cloud consulting services at optimized cost and time without compromising on the compliance standards.

Cloud computing is the on-demand procurement of computing resources such as data storage, processing power, and application programs without any active management by the user.

Cloud consulting is the delivery of efficient consultation to an organization in order to utilize and implement a cloud computing model to meet specific business requirements. Cloud consultants are responsible for advising a customer to choose from different cloud platforms – public, private, or hybrid.

Based on the specific requirements of a business organization, the cloud consultants provide a structured pathway for the implementation of an effective cloud strategy based on SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS models.

– SaaS Software as a Service provides software development from a Cloud based supplier.
– BigCommerce, Google Apps, Salesforce, Dropbox, MailChimp, ZenDesk, DocuSign, Slack, & Hubspot.
– PaaS Platform as a Service provides both hardware and software from a Cloud-based supplier.
– AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Heroku, Windows – Azure,, OpenShift, Apache Stratos, & Magento Commerce Cloud.
– IaaS Infrastructure as a Service provides a pay-as-you-go service for storage, networking, and virtualization.
– AWS EC2, Rackspace, Google Compute Engine (GCE), Digital Ocean, & Magento 1 Enterprise Edition.

Impact of Cloud Consulting

Irrespective of your organizational goals, cloud network services serve as an essential business decision for your organization. It is a breakthrough technology that can have long-term implications for your IT strategy, future technological implementation, regulatory obligations, and staffing.

Cloud computing can influence various organizational functions, and help you to take an advantageous position in the rapidly changing and competitive IT landscape. Even though cloud computing is a direct fit for many business scenarios, it requires a skilled in-depth analysis and evaluation of risk factors, opportunities, and the other complexities involved in its implementation.

Cloud integration works both synchronously and asynchronously, depending largely on the communication which takes place. While the asynchronous cloud integration only deals with data and commands without the requirement of a response from the receiving application, the synchronous cloud integration ensures that the applications are fully in-sync before integration.

Global IT Consulting Services provide you with top talent to fulfill all your recruiting needs.

We understand that cloud computing is gaining ubiquity in every industry. There is no doubt the technology is immensely beneficial; however, the skills required for managing and conducting cloud-related tasks are different from traditional IT roles, as a different and enhanced skill-set is required.

Your staffing demands increase and you have to bring more people on board to completely realize the advantage.

Global IT Services is a leading consulting and staffing provider in the IT industry. We are known for building professional, lasting relationships with both job candidates and clients. Partner with us and hand over your recruiting burden; thereby, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Efficient cloud consultancy holds paramount the importance for every business organization to expand its bandwidth. Ideal cloud consultancy firms such as Global IT Services take a holistic approach to create a cloud adoption strategy in accordance with your organization’s discreet business requirements.

The company is based in Sacramento, California and serves clients all across the United States and abroad. Our goal is to provide comprehensive cloud consulting services at optimized cost and time without compromising on the compliance standards.

You can also benefit from our company’s strategic partnership with AWS, Azure, and GCP, along with a qualified team of experienced professionals which has been accredited for the development and deployment of complex cloud applications.

Furthermore, the company has a distinct approach to cloud consulting by closely working with its clients to evaluate the suitability of different cloud applications. Their team of experts will not only recommend the most appropriate cloud platform, but will also ensure you have an effective cloud migration strategy and roadmap for cloud transformation.

The mass adoption of digital technologies at all levels in every industry has given rise to many new and complex domains of intelligence. With the advent of Cloud technology, industries can now benefit from the easy availability of data and business applications from any remote location in the world. However, one of the most severe problems industry and commerce face is a lack of qualified personnel, particularly AWS architect professionals.

The growing popularity of Cloud systems calls for systematic planning and strategy creation to make judicious use of resources. Companies benefiting from this technology are looking for more persuasive ways to increase their productivity. A vital part of achieving this objective to the employer, or otherwise, is to hire an AWS certified developer.

The Modern Cloud Model: Amazon Services

The adoption of the Cloud model is the key factor for business organizations to succeed in a highly competitive environment. Core business applications have been shifted from data centers to cloud systems to save costs, streamline operations, and increase their easy availability. This has led to a skills supply problem with many companies unable to find the right Amazon cloud solution architect to complement and work with their existing in-house teams, and to understand and develop the skills-base now required by a forward-thinking enterprise.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) involves the collaboration of business organizations with third-party providers to host and maintain core business operations through the Cloud. In technical terms, IaaS includes comprehensive delivery of offsite hardware capability and security, software, storage, and processing functions to a company.

It also includes the hosting of applications in an increasingly scalable environment, where business owners are only charged for the infrastructure they use.

To keep in view the security and confidentiality on the Cloud servers, we only recommend three Cloud vendors: Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Consulting

Global IT Services ensures that you achieve success on AWS. By helping you navigate through the AWS suite, we guide your Cloud strategy to get the maximum benefit from AWS.

As an AWS Cloud consultant company, we deliver the capabilities you need to build, deploy, and regulate complicated Cloud architecture on AWS.

Our track record as a successful AWS DevOps consultant provider has enabled us to provide Cloud application development and Cloud infrastructure migration services to clients across the globe. Our team of engineers, Cloud solution architects, and developers have all achieved the AWS Certified Solutions Architect and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional certifications. This means when you work with Global IT Services, you will benefit from the service of experts with the highest level of Amazon Cloud skills.

Our Amazon Cloud solutions architects and AWS Cloud gurus provide comprehensive solutions that include:

Infrastructure and Application Migration

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we have the capability to migrate complex Cloud architectures to the Cloud environment by using Amazon’s best-in-class services. Migrating to the Cloud is a quintessential step to gain the benefits of the Cloud model. To ensure a successful migration, we create a migration roadmap to proliferate a seamless transition of your confidential data to the Cloud systems with zero downtime.

In addition, we also perform an infrastructure audit to examine your organizational infrastructure and compare it with the best practices in the industry. Our team of AWS professionals uses cutting-edge Cloud technologies such as Amazon CloudFormation, Chef, and Docker to provide seamless automation of various Cloud operations.

The specific migration audit tools we use include AWS Database Migration Service, AWS Server Migration Service, AWS Import and Export Snowball, AWS Application Discover Service, and many more.


As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we have a long track record of successful infrastructure and application deployments on the AWS.

We provide different initiatives for Cloud infrastructure and application deployment including:

  • Strategy and roadmap to streamline decision making to select the best Cloud model, applications, and other functions.
  • Architecture audit and design to create Cloud architecture documentation.
  • Following a DevOps approach for both Linux and Windows workloads.
  • Seamless integration with existing applications in your data center.
  • Comprehensive testing of all functionality.

Application Development

As AWS experts, we develop highly efficient Cloud applications at scale. We also upgrade your legacy applications to work on the Cloud systems. Global IT Services also excels in delivering web and mobile applications that work across all platforms and languages including iOS, Android, Ruby, Python, PHP, and Java.

To deliver comprehensive application solutions, we follow a unique philosophy:

  • To build for performance, quality, and scale.
  • Integration with Lambda and API Gateway for scalability.
  • To take full advantage of AWS tools to build Cloud-based applications.
  • To develop a modular application that seamlessly integrates with other services.
  • To re-architect legacy applications through a Cloud-centric approach.
  • To automate to increase agility and to reduce risk.


As professional AWS architects, we utilize a DevOps approach as a foundation of all our client engagements. As a provider of automated Cloud services we ensure server provisioning, configuration, and management are seamlessly automated to increase efficiency and scalability.

At Global IT Services we employ a team of Amazon solutions architects to follow the best practices for Cloud automation. Our philosophy liberates your IT and operations team from time-consuming and repetitive tasks while empowering them to emphasize business-centric objectives.

Our Cloud automation approach includes the following key considerations:

  • Is your IT team spending a lot of time on simple infrastructure management tasks?
  • Do you want to reduce the time to market and ensure uninterrupted delivery of your SaaS products?
  • Do your business users find it convenient to use a self-service portal?
  • Are you confused between different applications to choose for automation?

Cloud Managed Services

Global IT Services provide comprehensive Cloud infrastructure management services. We ensure 24/7 monitoring of your Cloud activity to ensure effective issue remediation and maintenance. Our Cloud managed services approach is expertly handled, scalable, and overseen by a certified and experienced cloud solution architect.

Big Data Services

Global IT Services holds Big Data Competency designation. Our team of expert AWS solutions architects have the right experience and expertise to handle high volume and velocity within a wide variety of projects.

Our range of Big Data Service includes architecture design, infrastructure migration, data and systems integration, automation, and application development.

Our AWS Big Data services are efficient, cost-effective, and resilient. We ensure that our Big Data management solutions give your business organization the capability to gather data from multiple sources at a single instance, allowing you to increase your customer engagement.

Our Big Data analytics enables your company to apply efficient customer profiling, allowing you to provide customized and personalized service experiences, thus increasing customer lifetime value.

Cloud Security, Governance, and Compliance

At Global IT Services, our Amazon Cloud solutions architects will aid your development of cloud architectures that ensure cloud security and proper governance. For companies that need global and national security compliance, we provide AWS certified developers to support and enhance your critical infrastructure.

We also provide the following security standards to help you build compliance: PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27000, and FedRAMP.

Call us today to find your perfect AWS solution architect.

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