Cybersecurity Analysts: The Guardians of Enterprise Data

Cybersecurity Analysts: The Guardians of Enterprise Data

Vulnerabilities in your organization’s cybersecurity infrastructure can jeopardize your growth objectives, threaten your profitability, disrupt your business operations or even lead to a company failing altogether. Apart from creating roadblocks in the achievability of your business goals, cyberattacks can demean or destroy your client’s trust in your organization, making it difficult for you to retain long term clients.

Making Cybersecurity a Business Enabler

With the increasing number of cyberattacks and data intrusions costing millions every year, preventing cybersecurity threats has become a critical requirement, demanding a strategic response. Business owners in both strategic and operational roles must consider the following vital questions for an effective cybersecurity strategy:

  • Is your corporate policy compliant with current privacy and security regulations?
  • Will your company survive a cyberattack?
  • Is it possible for your business to achieve the necessary digital transformations to mitigate and prevent unacceptable risks?
  • How secure are your apps, data, and the rest of your IT infrastructure?
  • How can you transform your existing policies to withstand increasing cyber threats?

Hiring Outside Cybersecurity Consultants Can Lead the Way

Without an effective defense-in-depth strategy, your business runs at the risk of creating long-term security gaps. What your organization needs is not a one-time solution but a continuing policy that can dynamically evolve itself to mitigate any type of security risk.

Your company may not have the in-house expertise or resources to detect and respond to the increasingly dangerous and destructive existing cybersecurity threats. And with the advent of sophisticated data intrusion attacks, no single cybersecurity approach can offer you a long-term solution, no matter how technologically advanced it is.

To develop a comprehensive long-term solution against cyber threats, your business needs the expert counsel of a cybersecurity services company who can analyze your IT infrastructure and locate any existing vulnerabilities.

With a detailed report on your vulnerabilities and security controls, you can better manage your organization and strengthen your security with effective procedures for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC).

By putting in place a proper cybersecurity assessment carried out by experienced information security analysts, your organization can implement the right strategy and transformation program to safeguard your confidential data and other assets.


Identifying the Right Cybersecurity Service Provider

A team of expert cybersecurity analysts will leverage strategic and financial company information to model a secure cyber operating environment and provide a dashboard view of risk factors, probability of breach, and vulnerabilities.

In addition, it also offers several scenario-based cyber exercises including:

  • Executive-level, tabletop exercises focused on the enterprise response to several hypothetical cyber incidents.
  • Executing tests, assumptions, plans, tasks, and analyzing operational processes.
  • Enhancing the understanding and awareness of your workforce regarding the intricacies of cyber incident management. Many cybersecurity breaches are caused by un-trained, non-IT employees.
  • Providing relevant expertise to your managers which is directly translatable to real-world events in order to increase your company’s cyber response preparedness.
  • Validating external resources and Points-of-Contact (POCs) to form essential external relationships that are valuable in a crisis.
  • Vital insights into the exact security position of your firm, along with assessments, diagnosis, audits, and all the required tools to implement a strong security strategy.


Global IT Services

Global IT Services will provide a team of highly skilled, experienced and certified information security analysts and engineers that have been working in the information security domain and who are up-to-date with current cybersecurity threats. Our expert team will work in any environment and will ensure the development, evaluation and implementation of strong cybersecurity policies by conducting accurate risk and vulnerability assessments. Our cybersecurity consultants also empower your workforce by educating them about different cyberthreats and solutions.

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