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Robust cybersecurity consultancy strategies to transform security programs

Global IT Services are the pioneers in strategic advisory consulting, incident response, cloud security, cybersecurity hiring, and safeguarding your enterprise from cyber threats. Our cybersecurity consultancy services provide experts that will identify cyber threats, protection against unauthorized access, and provide an internal infrastructure assessment. Our cybersecurity consultants correlate deep analytics, automation tools, and the latest security software to keep the risks of data breaches, service denials, and other damaging attacks at bay. 

Cybersecurity Threats
Cyber Security Consultancy Services

Our cybersecurity consultancy teams design and deploy cloud and managed security services. Improve the security of your IT network and systems via continuous assessments and monitored security solutions. Stay ahead of cybercriminals by maturing your programs with our endpoint security services.

We offer specialized Cybersecurity Consultancy Services to:

Cybersecurity Consultancy Staffing Solutions

We fill the gaps in your cybersecurity staffing needs with highly skilled professionals. With years of experience in the field, these cybersecurity professionals are experts and fit for project-specific, short-term, long-term, and temp-to-hire engagements.

We help in staffing the following positions:

Cybersecurity Consultant

Cybersecurity Consultant

Taking care of multiple roles in the cybersecurity arena, our consultants know how to safeguard networks, computer systems, and software programs. They are able to pinpoint vulnerabilities, strengthen operations, and stop hackers from harming your systems.

Information Security Consulting

Application Security Administrator

We provide experienced security administrators who can install, administer, and troubleshoot security applications and solutions. They take care of network security, protection against unauthorized access or destruction, access problems, etc.
AI Security Specialist

Artificial Intelligence Security Specialist

Combat your security issues with our team of AI security specialists. They use the latest AI tools and modules to develop smart computer systems, recognize voices and faces, solve complex security problems, and curb the threats of cyber crime.

Cyber Security Engineer

Automotive Security Engineer

Protect cars, digital automotive electronics, and related services from cyber intrusions with the expertise of our automotive security engineers. They analyze and design the best architectures and end-to-end security packages for networked automotive services.
Cyber Security

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

The head honcho of cybersecurity, a CISO will help you establish and maintain a robust enterprise vision.  The CISO will strategize and program intelligent security solutions to keep all information assets/technologies well-protected.

It Security Solution

Cloud Security Architect

With the right capabilities to secure apps and data in the cloud, cloud security architects serve as the one-point contact for all cloud security reporting. They help you design and develop the best security architectures cloud/hybrid- based systems.
Cyber Security Analyst

Cyber Intelligence Specialist

At Global IT Services, we help with the staffing of cyber intelligence analysts with the appropriate skills and knowledge in the fields of network administration and engineering. They combat hackers, malicious software developers, and other cyber criminals.

Cyber Security Operations Specialist

Cyber Operations Specialist

These professionals conduct synchronized/ integrated offensive cyberspace operations by dealing with security threats and hostile activities/capabilities. They also handle defensive operations for securing networks, data, net-centric tools, etc.
Cyber Security Engineer

Cybersecurity Software Developer/Engineer

Develop new security technologies, transform existing applications/ programs, and integrate security protocols, with the help of cybersecurity software developers and engineers. They provide end-to-end solutions for your security software programs.

Data Cyber Security Analyst

Data Security Analyst

We staff data security analysts to protect information on your computers and networks. They install and maintain security software to keep network breaches away and impart security-related information to all computer users.
Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics Analyst

Our digital forensic analysts examine data (on all types of devices) for finding evidence of a crime. They detect, preserve, analyze, and present digital evidence to support investigations and the findings of most security breach related acts.

Penetration Tester

Vulnerability Analyst/Penetration Tester

We help organizations staff vulnerability analysts (consultants) and penetration testers to uncover vulnerabilities and identify risks in your IT networks/ systems. They provide the right solutions to test and manage these vulnerabilities.
Cyber Security Solutions

Cybersecurity Consultancy Analysts and Hiring

Cybersecurity is a real and very present danger with the results very often being the destruction of a business, either large or small. In addition, there is a growing mistrust among users who worry that their personal data and vital financial information is under constant threat. The only way to combat this rapidly increasing and dangerous threat is to hire an experienced and qualified cybersecurity analyst.

It remains one of the most critical issues for IT experts across the globe.

The September 2017 cyber-attack on Equifax cost the company over $4 Billion.  Overall costs of damage to corporations from the threat of successful cyber attacks is expected to exceed $6 Trillion by 2021.

To put in place a secure and effective Cyber Protection Policy is vital for every small and big business organization. For the implementation of such a policy, specialist staff are required in a market where truly capable specialized individuals are hard to find.

ESG in its yearly survey has showed that 53% of organizations have a severe shortage of staff with the required level of enterprise cybersecurity skills to keep their organization secure.

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