Information Security Analyst

Top Benefits of Hiring an Information Security Analyst

With cyber attacks, data breaches and leakage of confidential information on the rise, companies are prioritizing information security more than ever before. That is why cybersecurity professionals including an Information Security Analysts are in great demand in both private and public sector organizations.

According to a report by The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment growth in the field of information security analysis from 2016 to 2026 will see a 28% rise.

What is an Information Security Analyst?

A cybersecurity information security analyst is a person that investigates and analyzes an organization’s IT infrastructure and checks its design, implementation approach, and maintenance-related tasks for any weaknesses that may constitute a threat.

Such analysts also review regulatory security requirements, as well as the security requirements of your organization and provide their expertise in implementing and improving your existing information security defense system.

A cybersecurity consultant will know your network from the inside-out, they will also monitor any anomaly or abnormal behavior within the network. If there is a network breach, they will implement all necessary procedures to safeguard your confidential business data.

Information security is a specialized domain, it requires an expert utilizing the right combination of security tools, techniques, and policies to defend against the threats posed by the hackers.

Information Security Analyst

The main function of an information security analyst is to fill the gaps between existing cybersecurity infrastructure of a company and the risk of cyber attacks.

For companies that are short on budget, it is a financially sound idea to outsource their IT security liabilities to an effective team of security specialists, who can evaluate, analyze, and upgrade the security policy without putting harmful extra load on financial resources.

Successful organizations hire security teams who can take control of their technical security infrastructure as well as implementing focused awareness training courses for their existing workforce.

Benefits of Hiring an Information Cybersecurity Expert

  • Protection of Confidential Assets: At the ground level, they will protect your critical assets against different types of cyber threats, outages, and losses.
  • 24/7 Monitoring: Cybersecurity consultants use sophisticated software tools to deliver 24/7 monitoring of your network. Along with that, they will ensure the right implementation of security applications and run risk assessments to discover any vulnerabilities in your network.
  • Thorough Disaster Recovery Planning and Training: A good cybersecurity expert, working in close harmony with your teams, will also help you to establish a network disaster recovery plan in case of a breach in your network. To upgrade the security standards of your employees, they also train them with the best data security practices.
  • Comprehensive Security Cover: There have been instances when business organizations, who have employed data security experts have had privacy violations committed by the contractor. Hiring information security analysts from a reputable firm can give your business an additional sense of security, knowing that your data will be safe from exploitation, now and in the future.
  • Technical Expertise: good cybersecurity analysts can ensure the safety of your network users and prevent anyone from abusing your organization’s network for personal use. If you are a service provider, they will ensure the safety of your customer data and assist you in addressing any technical issues that your users may face.

The Roadblocks

Due to the complicated nature of the cybersecurity domain and the extremely rapid development of threat potentials, it has become increasingly difficult for companies easily to analyze their security systems and many exposed enterprises need quickly to hire the right people to ensure their integrity and security.

In addition, there are two other issues in this domain that are a hindrance:

  • Sophisticated Attacks: Cyber attacks continue to become more unpredictable with the continual development of increasingly sophisticated attacking techniques. It is becoming increasingly challenging for security experts to safeguard an enterprise’s data security.
  • Finding the Right Sort of Security Experts: Throughout the IT industry, there is a dearth of qualified and experienced security analysts. As businesses transition to the Cloud, new skills are required in their IT departments. In addition, large companies hire top-level teams to manage their IT infrastructure. But small companies that are on restricted budgets are often left with unsatisfactory solutions for defense against modern-day cyber attacks.

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