Amazon Web Services and Cloud Consultancy Services

Amazon Web Services and Cloud Consultancy Services

Amazon Web Services offers the most comprehensive, hands on enterprise-level solutions to your computing, networking, storage and security needs. All of this at a fraction of the cost of what their immediate competitors are offering. Having AWS certified professionals backing your play, you too can reach for the stars and get there!

Not every company can purchase and develop in-house hardware to serve their business’s needs. And in case of a growing business, the requirements on the hardware side of things will also need to get scaled, adding tremendously to the cost and labor requirements of maintaining the hardware.

Most small and mid-sized companies, including large multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 companies have recognized their limitations and now prefer to offload some of their heavy duty computing tasks to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services.

Your own in-house hardware solutions will eat up the majority of your company’s revenue while barely meeting its needs. Not to mention the security threats that face most companies these days. It is frightening to note how easy it is for malware and ransomware to creep up inside a business and destroy it completely from the inside out. That’s where AWS certified professionals come in.

Here’s what you can look forward to:


The likes of Petya and WannaCry ransomware attacks make it all the more necessary for your company to move your business to cloud. Amazon’s cloud services help you mitigate your security threats at a mere fraction of the cost of what your company would usually have incurred if it had its own massive rows of mainframe computers lined up across large rooms.

You save on time, money, and skilled labor.

Only pay for what you need

You don’t have to purchase services your business doesn’t really need. Select and pay for only those cloud solutions that really do make a difference to the bottom line of your company. The necessary computing power must be scalable according to your needs.

Why you need an AWS certified consultancy

AWS has a large lineup of IT services to offer, such as virtual servers, networking, database hosting, security and administration, machine learning, mobile analytics, the internet of things and much more!

The only problem however is that most novices don’t really have any idea which of these services best suits their company the most, or indeed what they even mean in the first place!

Should you choose mobile analytics, if your company doesn’t really have a mobile side to their business? Or do you require machine learning for those ‘research intensive’ tasks?

Why not let a DevOp cloud computing engineer help you decide which of these services would best benefit your organization? At Global IT Services, you get access to consultants who are equipped with certifications which include AWS solutions architect, associate AWS certified SysOps administrator, associate AWS certified DevOps engineer, and more!

The market doesn’t have enough certified engineers

There really is a dire need of skilled cloud engineers in the market today, ones that can guarantee thoroughness, consistency and comprehensiveness to cloud solutions for your organization. AWS certifications guarantee that all the checkpoints are met. Only engineers with sound conceptual knowledge of its cloud platform are granted these difficult AWS certifications.

Here’s a great rule of thumb to follow before selecting a cloud consultancy firm: You know they’re qualified to give you top notch, useful advice only if they have AWS certifications! It is after all, a little foolish to blindly trust just about anyone out there who might throw around the words, “cloud consultancy services”.

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