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Edge Computing Defined & What Makes It Important For Future Businesses?

Edge computing is getting popular these days due to the massive explosion of data and due to its capabilities to allow data produced by the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to be processed closer. The data is created instead of sending it across long routes to data centers or clouds. I mean, did you ever expect AWS to have a $13 billion business within such a short span of time? Edge computing lets organizations analyze important data in a real-time. Following this, the small players and the leading players like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle wanted to have their own versions and offerings for public cloud.

What Exactly Is Edge Computing?

Edge Computing is defined as a distributed architecture or a mesh network of microdata centers that would store or process data logically. Additionally, it would also push all the received data to a central data center or cloud storage repository. The data can be aggregated to reduce the volume before it is sent for further processing.
This data can be aggregated or summarized to reduce the volume, before sending it to cloud for further processing. The data that is less time sensitive can be sent directly to the cloud for big data analysis or historical analysis and long-term storage. This all is done by the Internet of Things (IoT) devices transferring the data to a local device that includes storage connectivity, in a small form factor.

Edge Computing Terms & Definitions

Here is a brief description of the commonly used terms for edge computing:

  • Edge – What the edge is it depends on the use case. For example, in the automotive field, the edge of the network can be a car, or in the telecommunications field, the edge is a cell phone device or the tower. Similarly, in the manufacturing field, it can be a machine or a flop floor.
  • Edge Devices – The device can be anything that produces data. It can be an industrial machine, sensor or any other device that produces or collects data.
  • Edge gateway – It works as a buffer between the process of edge computing processing and the broader fog network.
  • Edge Computing Equipment – Many devices or machines can be outfitted to work in the edge computing environment. A range of computer servers and even storage-based hardware systems like AWS’s Snowball can be used as an edge computing equipment.
  • Fat Client – Software used for data processing system in the edge devices are known as ‘fat client.’ A fat client usually is supposed to be a thick client.
  • Mobile Edge Computing – The build-out of edge computing in communication systems is referred as mobile edge computing. For example, 5G scenarios.

What Makes Edge Computing Important?

Edge computing deployments are ideal in a variety of circumstances. These circumstances are when it’s not sufficient for Internet of Things (IoT) devices to be constantly connected to the central cloud or when the IoT devices have poor connectivity. Here is how we are taking advantage of the mobility, cloud, social networking and big data.

  • Reduced IoT Solution Costs – Edge computing allows you to process and analyze mission-critical data closer to the device itself. This results in reduced amount of data that flows back and forth between the cloud and the edge of the network. Global IT Services takes the lead in offering professional staffing services to help you bring more people on board to realize the advantage completely.
  • Added Security & Compliance – The biggest reason global leading companies are adopting the edge computing technology is the added security it offers and to address the compliance requirements that have prevented some industries from using the cloud. Using the edge computing technology, it is now possible for the companies to filter out sensitive personally identified information and process it locally.
  • Dependable Operation – Whether the offline or internet connectivity is intermittent, edge computing allows manufacturing equipment and other smart devices to operate without disruption. This makes it an ideal computing model for the modern businesses that count on the ability to quickly analyze data, especially at the remote locations such as rural areas, ships, and airplanes.
  • Faster Response Time – Thanks to the non-existence of round-trip to the cloud, data latency is reduced greatly which results in less time required to glean actionable insights from that data. This results in improved situations that require the instantaneous analysis of data as the edge computing is poised to help autonomous vehicles avoid collisions or stop factory operations.
  • Improved Employee Productivity – If improved productivity and efficiency in the workplace is what you are looking for, then edge computing is something you would appreciate as this has a significant impact on each employee. Edge computing allows professionals to attain information easily and quickly without waiting for slow download speeds. The data can be downloaded quickly, and employees can begin working without worrying about the file size. Without edge computing, it may take hours to download the same file that can be obtained quickly with the edge computing.

Edging Forward

Experts claim that the Information Technology (IT), manufacturing, energy, utility, and transportation industries are expected to adopt the technology more in the future. The future-minded businesses should consider the technology to improve the functions and services with real-time data analysis.

Smart IT strategists will be sure taking full advantage of both the edge computing and cloud computing. When planning to enjoy benefits of the edge computing technology, never ignore the importance of dealing with a professional and trusted cloud consulting services provider like Global IT Services, a leading staffing provider in the IT industry can guide you through the staffing process. We have been the top name in building professional and everlasting relationships between the clients and the IT professionals. Our success is backed by the dedication and the efforts we deliver to help achieve your business goals. Let us handle your recruiting burden so you can focus on your core business activities.

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