Are You Looking For Cloud DevOps Engineers or Cloud Architects?

Hiring Cloud DevOps engineers has become even more important considering the advancing technologies. But most companies find the recruiting process difficult.

How do you make sure you find and hire the right people for the job? The particular needs of your company are important, and should be considered when you gauge DevOps engineer skills.

Here are some quick tips that can help you out:

Come up with your own DevOps vision

Every company takes a different meaning from DevOps. How do you visualize DevOps within your company and how do you it to be utilized? For some companies, DevOps results in cultural changes within the IT framework, allowing people from different disciplines to wok more collaboratively. For other businesses, the goal of every DevOps process is to achieve automation and enjoy faster processing speeds or quicker deployments.

So decide what you would primarily want your cloud DevOps engineers to do, and then conduct a search.

Hunt for the right skills

Generally, the most preferred DevOps engineers are those who have the most diverse skill set and generally, it is hard for you to come across people that have each and every required skill on the list. The problem can be solved if you deviate from hiring individuals, and instead focus on availing services from cloud and IT consultant firms.

Use IT consultants

The simplest, easiest, and the most effective trick in the book. Hire DevOps consultants rather than filling up the position with an individual candidate. Consultants are a better choice because they’ll be able to meet your increasing needs of a DevOps engineer, without you having to market the opening again and again.

Cloud DevOps consultant engineers are highly qualified and skilled with several years of experience to back them up. They can advise you, ensuring you implement effective solutions. Plus, they would have worked with a number of tools, and would be able to choose the right ones for your particular requirements.

Hiring DevOps consultants provides you flexibility, because they work on a need basis, which prevents you from paying extra. This also reduces load on your HR because they don’t have to take care of training or provide career advancement options.

Global IT Services is a good choice if you want to hire an IT consulting firm. They work across multiple industries and can easily cater to all your needs.

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