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Microsoft Azure: What Is It and Why Your Business Needs it

What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure Cloud is Microsoft’s own offering of cloud solutions to firms and enterprises both big and small. These are some of the most versatile cloud computing services that can handle anything you throw at them, starting with a powerful dashboard that neatly pins all the software you need in one place. The hub allows you to see all your apps and virtual machines in one spot without making it cumbersome to navigate.

How IT experts can kickstart your journey to the cloud…

The professionals at Global IT Services specialize in quickly assimilating your business with Microsoft Azure without your business going through unnecessary trial and error procedures. They devise useful strategies depending on your requirements—whether they are on storage, backup, recovery or security. All solutions are made based purely on your business models which are flexible enough to accommodate any future scalability projects.

Some of the services that you can control include private networks, Internet of Things (IoT) analytics, data recovery, built-in back up support and high computing services. All of this is remotely managed by thousands of machines working together without you having to ever lay an eye on them.

Why your business needs the cloud…

Imagine if all of this work was done in-house, then you will need the necessary hardware, tailored software solutions, and a trained, dedicated team with the proper skill set to manage all of these tools. As a result, your own focus and energies would be spent mostly on the IT side of things instead of focusing on business strategy and growth.

Once you migrate your business to Microsoft Azure Cloud however, you pay a fraction of what you would usually have done since you no longer need expensive hardware on site, instead it is tucked away in some other corner of the world.

Global IT Services helps you to streamline that process of migrating to the cloud.

What about security?

One of the biggest concerns for any company that wants to use the cloud are security concerns, since all of your data is now stored outside of your servers and hence outside of your firewalls. Will it be safe? With Microsoft Azure Cloud, you no longer have to worry about malware attacks. Microsoft Azure does not compromise on security and you can rest easy that your data is safe from cyber criminals.

Azure Active Directory (ADD) allows you to manage your users’ credentials and identity using security protocols such as SAML 2.0. Azure also uses virtual area network isolation, IP filters and various traffic policies to prevent your information from getting transferred to the wrong users. Azure’s storage never sees your data nor decrypts it.

Additionally, the actual, physical data centers are secured by multiple layers of security including security guards, fencing and surveillance cameras. All these security measurements and more ensure that Azure offers the best security monitoring services.

If you want to leverage the cloud capabilities of Microsoft Azure, then Global IT Services can help. We borrow experience from companies we’ve helped migrate to Microsoft Azure to offer you the best possible solution.

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