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Every company that utilizes technology in any way in today’s day and age, will at some point or another, opt for information technology support. Information technology support offers the end-user much more than just having a technician on stand-by, fixing glitches, or answering software queries. It has evolved to include every aspect of your business’s technology needs by enhancing the performance of each element within a system.

Many information technology consultants generate unique technology roadmaps or technology ‘GPSs’ that keep businesses on the cutting-edge well ahead of the competition. The ever-present threat of the varied forms of cyber-attack makes information support compulsory.

Information technology support can be divided into two categories:

  • Onsite Information Technology Support
  • Remote Information Technology Support

Onsite Information Technology Support

Onsite support is the physical availability of a technician, information technology consultant, or engineer on the premises of a business. The support can be in-house, but is generally noted as outsourced support from an information technology consulting firm.

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The benefits of having onsite technology support are:

    1. Customer Service
      • Having someone you can speak to face-to-face fosters trust; which in turn, establishes more positive communication, boosting productivity within the business.
    2. Onsite Problems Require Onsite Support
      • There are components of a technology system that are better understood when a consultant is onsite. A helpdesk can work wonders with software problems; however, if there is a hardware problem, only an onsite technology consultant can offer a solution or make repairs.
    3. Optimal Management of Information and Data
      • Taking care of information and data storage onsite ensures immediate action during cyber threat detection.
    4. Improve productivity
      • Immediate and timely problem solving during critical hardware/software issues garners better productivity rates.
    5. Cost-effective
      • One of the largest costs to outsourced support is the travel expenses.
        Many businesses can save up to 50% of their travelling costs with onsite support. There are consulting firms that offer enticing pricing structures, saving costs in the long run with more permanent onsite support.

The cons of onsite technology support:

      1. Need Versus Overall Expense
        • Small start-ups may initially not need onsite support on a 24/7 basis; however, the expense of technician call-outs must be weighed against permanent onsite support.
      2. Onsite Support is Not Always Offered
        • Generally, only the bigger information technology consulting firms have consultants available for on-site support on an as needed basis. Very few consulting firms offer permanent placement of the information technology staff

Remote Information Technology Support

Remote helpdesk and/or remote online support is information technology support that is offered away from the site through several channels. This can be an online chat, telephone, remote access to computers and systems, emails, Skype, Zoom or any other digital means.

  • Remote Helpdesk is an online support system consisting of one or more agents who render technical assistance, either telephonically or with online Messenger or Chat.
  • Remote Online Support is the monitoring and access to an online computer system to manage alerts, complete maintenance, and/or tweak any software malfunctions.

The benefits of Remote Helpdesk or Online support


    • The costs of accessing a remote helpdesk or remote online support are infinitely less than onsite support. There are no travelling costs and remote support can generally manage urgent issues.


    • Remote Helpdesk support is available all over the country, especially in the very remote and outlying districts.
    • Support is available 24/7, 365 days per year.
    • Multiple users can be assisted immediately.

The cons of remote helpdesk or remote online support

  • Limits Relationship Building Capabilities
    • Remote support, in whichever form, is not relational. There is no face-to-face communication that can build a trusting relationship, vital for long-standing business rapport. You are communicating with a headset or a keyboard.
  • Availability
    • When you contact the remote helpdesk support, you are frequently routed to the first available agent, and most often not the initial person you contacted.
  • Helpdesk or online support is unable to help with hardware support.

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Categories of Information Technology Support Services

Information technology support services can be categorized as follows:

Managed Information Technology Services

  • Managed IT services include maintaining a company’s IT framework regularly. This is the preferred form of information technology support for most small and medium businesses where support can be utilized according to financial budgets.

The three types of managed information technology services are:

  • Low-level: Service providers offer the most essential information technology support tasks such as software application and system monitoring.
  • Mid-level: Service providers offer the most essential information technology support in addition to the more complex technical support, such as ensuring your software maintenance and updates.
  • High level: Service providers offer the full package, everything offered under the Low and Mid levels (support for your network, data analytics, root cause analysis etc.).

On-Demand IT Services

  • Many businesses require information technology support on an individual need basis. A business will have a particular project requiring an expertise that is not available in-house therefore, the service provider will offer a consultant for the duration of the project.

Network Infrastructure Setup

  • The set-up and installation of network infrastructure for a business can be a one-time service or it can become a managed information technology service. Service providers often offer customized network maintenance packages to businesses.

Network Security Service

  • This has almost become compulsory for every business owner globally. Statistics show hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times per day.
  • The average cost of a malware attack on a company is $2.6 million. Businesses must operate pro-actively by protecting their information and data assets before a cyber-attack hits. With the sheer volume and complexity of cyber-threats, nothing less than an information technology security specialist will do. Information technology security specialist consulting firms have the knowledge, the experience and the resources to ensure that cyber-threats are minimized and/or non-existent.

Database Management

  • Database management is the organization of data storage, data operation, and data handling such as format, names of fields, and record and file structures within the database. A database can be structured to uniquely fit each business.
  • Part of database management is the protection, regulatory compliance and optimization of all utilities that work from the database.

Cloud-based Services

  • Applications and/or software given remote support in the form of cloud computing services such as web-based software, delivered via a dedicated cloud network. These on-demand applications are specifically customized for businesses and can be accessed via the Cloud with a subscription fee.

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Benefits of Information Technology Support

      • Cuts Operational and Labor Costs
        When managed correctly, outsourcing information technology services can reduce overall costs. There can be experts on hand, during the slightest need, constantly monitoring a business’s data infrastructure.
      • Quality Expertise
        Information Technology Security Consultants are specialists in their field and are by the very nature of rapid technology development, in constant training upgrading their skills. These refined skills are not available to every in-house tech support due to the cost and time needed to partake in the training.
      • Renewed focus
        Do what you do best, most of the time. Outsourcing information technology allows businesses to hire staff with the express goal focusing on core business. Staff can then apply their strengths and skills to business development and growth.
      • Reducing risk
        Outsourcing an information technology consultant minimizes the risk related to technology when in-house staff are sub-standard certificated or inadequately trained. This can be the cost when risk is not given attention – the average cost per record stolen in a breach is $150.
      • Data storage and management are pivotal to any business. Consultants can ensure the maintained integrity of a back-up system, mitigating loss of confidential and or sensitive information.
      • Resource pool
        An information technology consultancy has a greater capacity of resources than a business with a staff member or two. Not only do they have a larger amount of consultant to pool from, but they also have an external network of resource connections that they can draw support from.
      • Flexibility
        Information technology consultants are on the cutting-edge of innovation and current technology developments. They have their fingers on the pulse of what is new and available in the marketplace. Their expertise can service business and re-work processes, procedures and systems, to save time and polish efficiency.
      • Compliance
        1. 66% of all organizations plan to hire additional full-time staff to support the compliance function.
        2. Cybersecurity was selected most often as the #1 factor that makes compliance professionals’ jobs more stressful.
        3. 38% of all organizations cited business expansion as a top factor driving their compliance to spend increase.
        4. Information technology specialists are well versed in regulatory compliance such as Cyber Essentials and ISO standards for data security management and ensuring your business is compliant.
      • Data security
        The 24/7 365 days per week real-time monitoring of a business’s data infrastructure, allows for immediate action should a cyber-threat be perceived. Any issues detected can be addressed and mitigated, minimizing downtime of systems.
      • Business strategies
        Information technology consultants can create complex algorithms that will measure online traffic on websites and applications. Buying patterns and customer interest information can be collected and used to adjust marketing and business strategies.

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Global IT Services provides comprehensive onsite IT support services. Our team of experts work seamlessly to help business organizations resolve complex IT problems.
As an IT support and services company, we specialize in building and maintaining IT infrastructures. Our experienced IT support experts ensure continuous quality improvement with high customer satisfaction. Our range of IT services caters to business sizes of all types. From server management to system backup & restore, emergency support to network troubleshooting, our specialized services always ensure a high return on investment to our clients.


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