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Scrum Master – The Scrum Team’s Servant-Leader!

The IT industry is going through a boom, and new methodologies are gaining popularity as the landscape continues to evolve and mature. One such framework is scrum, and it has proven to be highly beneficial in enhancing a product’s quality and reducing its production time.

However, the successful implementation of scrum is immensely dependent on the scrum master, a servant-leader figure who ensures that the project team coordinates efficiently, not just within itself, but with the customers as well.

Are you new to the concept of scrum and still reluctant to hire a scrum master?

A comprehensive overview of the scrum master’s services, his responsibilities, and benefits to the organization will assist you in making a well-informed decision.

Scrum Master Services

Services to the Product Owner

The scrum master offers services to the product owner in numerous ways:

  • It is highly crucial that the product owner understands agility. scrum master helps product owners in grasping the scrum concept and makes sure that they practice it correctly.
  • The scrum master ensures that everyone on the project team fully understands the scope, goals and the final target output of the project.
  • The scrum master facilitates and communicates the product owner’s needs and requests. They are responsible for ensuring that these expectations are fulfilled
  • The scrum master makes sure that the product owner fully understands the product backlog and is responsible for finding the techniques to manage and achieve its outcomes efficiently.
  • They communicate with the product owner and facilitate the arrangement of the product backlog list so that the value of the project is maximized.
  • They ensure that the product planning is based on observations and experimentations.

Services to the Scrum Team

The scrum master serves the scrum team in multiple ways to enhance efficiency.

  • They fulfill the role of both a server and a leader to the product team which increases the efficiency and results in the creation of high-value products.
  • They play the role of the team’s coach in self-organizing and ensure that the members belonging to different functional expertise synchronize effectively to achieve the common goal.
  • They are responsible for removing the barriers posed during the process. They ensure that the team goes through the meetings and responds promptly to queries regarding the difficulties that they are facing during the product development.
  • They also coach the organizational teams that are still in the transition process. This accelerates the procedure and helps the team to understand and adopt the scrum framework. They facilitate the scrum team in achieving its goals by responding and fulfilling their requests and needs promptly.

Services to the Organization

The services offered by the scrum master are not just limited to the product owner and the team. These services apply to the whole organization and are especially vital when an organization is in a transitional phase.

  • Transitioning towards scrum is a difficult task; however, the scrum master simplifies it to a large extent by coaching and leading the organizational team.
  • Scrum masters plan the implementation of scrum procedures within an organization.
  • They assist the team members and the stakeholders to work in an empirical product development framework which results in a smooth transition to a scrum environment.
  • They thoroughly analyze the organization, evaluate the changes required and implement them. These modifications result in higher efficiency and productivity.
  • A scrum master is responsible for a maximum of two teams. Therefore, large organizations usually employ more than one scrum master. They communicate and work alongside the team to increase the overall productivity, efficiency and the business value of the organization.

Scrum Master Responsibilities

A scrum master plays a principal role in enhancing the productivity and efficiency of the product team. This results in improved project delivery time which in turn increases the business value and reputation of the organization. The major responsibilities that are fulfilled by the scrum master in this regard can be summarized as:

  • The scrum master enhances the creativity and efficiency of the project team via coaching and leadership. Proper implementation of these two essential traits results in the production of a high-value product.
  • The scrum master is responsible for ensuring that the scrum project team coordinates according to the agile methodology. This is essential to achieve the required
  • Many obstacles usually impede the product development process and the scrum master is responsible for their timely removal to achieve successful project completion.
  • Meetings are necessary to achieve the required coordination and discuss project milestones. The scrum master is responsible for arranging, facilitate and schedule them. They have to make sure that timely decision-making is done and implemented.
  • The scrum master inspects and ensures that the Scrum methodology is properly adapted.
  • One of their major responsibilities is to assist the product owner in the development of the product backlog. They also help product owners in preparing for the next project sprint.
  • They conduct retrospective meetings to evaluate performance and identify the improvement areas.
  • They conduct the sprint planning meetings.

Scrum Master Benefits

The scrum master is highly beneficial in decreasing product delivery timeframe, increasing organizational productivity and enhancing the business value. The benefits provided by a scrum master can be summarized as:

  • They lead, assist and coach an organization to achieve smooth scrum transition.
  • They fulfill an administrative role as well and ensure that the appropriate environment exists, and proper equipment is available to achieve maximum productivity.
  • They make sure that there is effective communication between the team members and that they are exchanging required knowledge and information so that misunderstandings are avoided.
  • Scrum master improves the team by incorporating necessary changes in the organizational and team They encourage team members to continually enhance their knowledge via different methods such as training, meetings, and workshops.

If you plan on changing your product development outcomes from good to excellent, then the incorporation of a scrum master in your organization is a must.

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